Music Review //
Martial Simon
(GET SET Records)

From the first note, the song "Lost" just feels happy.  The fact that it is titled "Lost" makes it seem as if it might not be, but it also just feels so much like a positive reflection versus an actual statement of being lost.   With keys and beats, this one reminds me of the song about finding love in a hopeless place but also more to that end it could be the theme song to a Dreamworks movie about two characters who complete each other, much like the film "Home".

There is a faster pace to "Lost", which means you can get up and dance to it as well.  It just seems to fly by, it goes so fast.  The chorus has this interesting breakdown of beats and blips which just shows less of the soulful side and more the electronic side but it still somehow maintains that passion.   At times this song can remind me of Alessia Cara and Ke$ha as well, but Martial Simon just seems to draw from various influences and create a sound all its own from them.

Many things can be taken from the word lost.  You can lose your keys or you can be lost yourself in the sense of simply not knowing where you are.   This song specifically though deals with the relationships between each other (and while it can be human, you can also sing this song to your cat or dog) and the hook line is: "I'm lost without your love"  So while typically being lost or losing something is bad, this song is inverse of that idea.

This song is certainly radio friendly but it also feels so much bigger than that.  Martial Simon has created the type of song that should be played at weddings and other such joyous events.  Certainly this would be an excellent choice of a song to go into a movie as the soundtrack for a wedding but just in real life as well this song should be blasting out of speakers at high volume to show appreciation for each other and just life on the whole. 


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