Music Review //
Gavin Fox
"Tell Me So"

"Tell Me So" begins with acoustic guitar notes and throughout the entire song it doesn't really drift too far away from that.  By the end, it does open up with these deep beats but it still just carries this overall feeling of being a powerful ballad on the side of folk, a little bit like Sam Smith.   At tims there are the words in the verses almost like they are spoken but then the singing opens up at other times in a much bigger way.

Right away this video connects with me even though it is just two people sitting and playing acoustic guitars.   The way that the camera can show either their faces or the guitars really makes me think of the music video for the song "More Than Words" by Extreme, even though that was shot in black and white.  The more that I truly think about it, the more connections I can see between these two songs and videos as well, where Gavin Fox could have a modern version of that Extreme song here.

The lyrics on this song are fairly direct and to the point.   Lines like: "Don't wait a lifetime to let me know / I'm going places I should never go / If you care why don't you tell me so"  I believe in living a life to its fullest.  This song makes me want to tell everyone I love that I love them because you might not get that chance tomorrow.  But at the same time, if someone is important to you, be sure that they know.  

Embracing the idea of expressing your feelings combined with a sweet melody that can become catchy, Gavin Fox has found a formula for a song which everyone should hear.  This song and video are fun enough that you could put them on a party and people would just enjoy them for their overall sound.  But, paying attention to the lyrics and really thinking about them is also important, which makes this pop with a purpose.  


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