Music Review //
"Live at GAT3 Studios"

Prior to the release of their album "Becoming Someone" on April 29th, Swansgate has composed a video that is live from within a studio and features four songs to appear on the upcoming album.  What's interesting about this video is that it could be thought of as a sampler of the album in a sense but at the same time these songs are live so it's not quite the same as how they will appear on the final album form.  This brings a new level to this video because if you happen to find the full album first going back to this video still remains important.

Between melody and funky, the sound of Swansgate can vary from song to song but remain within the same realm of rock.   "Drunken Limbo" starts things off and it can sound like Radiohead while also just hitting that deep groove.  In some ways, this video overall reminds me of the sound of What Made Milwaukee Famous.   With the guitars, I whistle along during the first song and it does feel a bit catchy in that way.

Guitars pierce through with unique percussion on "Island of Lies" and then "Elliot" feels like a dreamy Jimmy Buffet song which eventually picks up some video game sounding keys within the mix as well.   "Only a Moment" closes out with this slower, more spatial sound like the desert and it just feels like a nice way to come down from the energy of this video from the previous songs, though it does have a driving force throughout.  

While the majority of this video is the band crammed inside of a studio, the camera angles going from person to person while they play their part- close ups on the fingers and such- are very well done.  There are even some candles lit within here to set the mood.  This video makes me want to hear a live set (as a video or just audio) from Swansgate with more than just four songs-- a full set.  But, that's me getting ahead of myself because first the album which this precedes shall drop and whoever is watching this video with me will also be ready.