Music Review //


Right away the sound of Nemesis comes on under the strong guise of hip hop.   Not only is this the sound of hip hop, but it is the sound of old school hip hop.  While I realize that there are a lot of women creating hip hop and sounds like it in the music scene right now, Nemesis has more of that throwback sound to when I was first listening to hip hop on cassettes.  

I feel partly like I could forget a name by naming them but artists such as MC Lyte, Da Brat and Missy Elliott all come to mind when listening to "INNOV8!".   It has a faster paced quality to it and so you can really move with it.   In some ways, it also makes me think of when I was listening to Salt N Pepa growing up.

Lyrically there is a music video for "INNOV8!" which also happens to have the lyrics on the screen in a fun manner.  The main idea of the song is that "thoughts + beats" are the way to grow.  What I take from this song lyrically is that a lot of times we're told to just conform and do things the way that we're told- the way that everyone else does them.  But if you think about things the way you choose and see life through your own eyes that's how you innovate.

You have to think that at some point everyone was walking places or riding horses and they just thought that was the way it was and it wouldn't get any better.  Then someone invented the automobile.  So, to go from that way things are just accepted as being to leveling up in a sense is the innovation which will hopefully be inspired within you by listening to this song by Nemesis.