Friday, April 1, 2022

Music Review //
Anne Marie Almedal
" Breathing In Breathing Out"


As soon as the music hits you can feel the bass.  The electronic sound of Anne Marie Almedal comes through with this smooth, chill flow.  It gets intense to the point where at times it can feel hypnotic, which is as much due to the music as it is due to the vocal range, but it also just feels like it hits a groove and just keeps on sailing.  Somewhere between darkwave and Madonna, Anne Marie Almedal is certainly forming a new genre here.

Similar artists are not easy to come by with this one.  It's a more minimal version of Polly Scattergood or Ladytron perhaps, but just that constant flow where you feel like you're moving throughout the entire song presents it in such a unique style.   It really can just put you into a trance as it's not quite fast enough to dance to or really feel like you're moving (such as running) but it also isn't that slow either.  The tempo remains moderate as does the disposition and that just calms me.

I always like to imagine music with visuals and I think of "Breathing In Breathing Out" as being set in the world of the film "Tron".  I remember that movie as the riders being on bikes and zipping around, making sharp turns at corners.   This song would just be a straight line, an autopilot, a matter of putting on the cruise control if you will, as we simply drift.   Perhaps that just speaks more than anything else to the vibe of the song in a sit back and enjoy the ride kind of way.

If this song was to come on randomly during a playlist I would want to know who it was for sure.   There is also that way about it where it makes me think about like SHAED and how I might hear it for the first time on the radio and seek it out to hear more songs by Anne Marie Almedal.   Regardless of how this song was first discovered by anyone though, hearing more songs by Anne Marie Almedal now feels like a must.  

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