Music Review //
Luke Reyvn
"Another Day"


The theme of the song "Another Day" by Luke Reyvn is one which it feels like everyone should be able to relate with: being on edge, at that breaking point where something has to change because you just can't take it anymore.   This is a way which people can feel for many different reasons, whether it be your living situation, relationship with other people, your job, school or maybe some combination of all of them.

While the images within this video show Luke Reyvn singing and doing things which you would expect someone younger to be doing, it creates the idea that "Another Day" is an anthem for the youth who just tired and don't want to take it anymore.   The fact remains though that a lot of people still feel this way when they get older and so this isn't just a problem for the kids but rather something everyone faces in their lives.

Lyrics like: "Voices in my head feel way too loud / lately I've been running out of ways to drown them out" make this seem like a hardcore song but the sound of it is more pop, like that pop punk Machine Gun Kelly album or All-American Rejects.   I do enjoy though that this is a radio friendly song which has that rebellious attitude towards it because lyrically you would think of this as sounding like The Clash or Bring Me The Horizon so having it more mainstream is also a plus.

As the song and video closes, you can hear the line "And if I don't leave now then I might fade away"  This really stuck with me because sometimes you have to make that choice in your life to leave a situation that isn't good for you because if you stay then it will change who you are and who you are supposed to be.   We need to normalize walking away from situations that are harmful to our mental health and this song is doing its part to pave the way.


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