Music Review //
"When I'm With You"


Though the general vibe of MELVV on "When I'm With You" seems to be one of electronic music, there are layers within which make this song stand out in a pop way and just overall feel quite unlike anything else out there.   With beats and keys, they can go from the background to the forefront and as they change so does the tempo and intensity.    But overall this song stays at a fairly hyped setting so it can project that energy back onto you.

"When I'm With You" is instrumental except for a spoken word piece at the end about how sometimes you think the things that don't mean a lot to you end up meaning the most and then there is also this glitched out vocal clip that comes through during the song.  I feel like it's saying "please understand" but in a messed up way, however I'm also fairly certain that isn't what is being said at all.   

MELVV has created a song here which just feels somewhere between the movie "Trainspotting" and that soundtrack, in that happy life with the sun shining sort of idea but it can also just feel like a video game.   There are these waves of bliss which come through at one point as well, which supports both ideas and just is one of those somewhat hidden aspects of this song that makes it so great.

A lot of the time when music is instrumental and upbeat like this it feels easy enough to just put it on and doing an activity such as working out, cleaning, etc.  With that one loop coming through and just the overall trance vibe that MELVV has created here though this song feels less like something which you can turn your brain off to while listening and more of a song which should offer you a great amount of reflection.  


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