Friday, April 8, 2022

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Doug Henthorn


"Three" releases worldwide on May 6th, 2022.  For more information please visit:

At first, the album "Three" is melodic yet dark and almost acoustic sounding.  While it starts off mellow it can remind me of an artist such as Temple of the Dog.   This also at the same time makes me think about the "Life is a Highway" song and it feels almost like a cover song on "Drive", the second track, as the question is asked: "Who's going to drive you home tonight?"  This takes us into "Fate of None" which is somehow the most country sounding song on "Three" and yet also the most trippy ala Pink Floyd.

And that seems to be the story of Doug Henthorn.  At times his songs can feel one way but then even within the song itself it can change into another.  So it's not just enough to say that there are elements of artists such as Tom Petty, Train and Bruce Springsteen in here but the fact that these sounds can appear in songs either on their own or grouped together just makes this blend which just truly helps Doug Henthorn forge his own sound.

As "The Tourist" blasts through my speakers there is a definite southern rock guitar sound to it.   Yet we are then treated to "Across the Universe", a song that isn't too much unlike The Beatles and has me wondering if it is a cover or not.   But that's just the way of Doug Henthorn as well- after a listen or two these songs will just feel so familiar because they contain sounds that you've heard so many times before but they're delivered in a way which you haven't heard quite yet.  

"Nothing's gonna change my world" is the hook as "Devil's Come Home" comes hard rocking into the finale.   Regardless of when you grew up, if you grew up listening to rock music odds are that some artist you either heard on the radio or saw on MTV is going to come out within these songs for you.   It is that sort of feeling in which you will hopefully find comfort and can begin to appreciate these songs for the works of art that they so obviously are.  

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  1. He is all that! Quite a mix of sounds that feels like “coming home” but fresh. I’ve been following him in Indy for almost 20 years (!) and love hearing him live. His voice has reminded me of Chris Cornell. Such great talent in his band. Go see them!
    Patti Moe