Music Review //
Heavenly Trip To Hell
"Pumpkin Man"


As someone who is into not only horror movies but mythical lore, I was very interested by the concept of "Pumpkin Man" and this song by Heavenly Trip To Hell is the first which I am hearing about him.   This music video is shot in black and white though there are scenes of fire which come through in orange hues.   Various shots of the band members can be seen throughout the video but as I wait patiently until the end I am somewhat disappointed not to see an actual "Pumpkin Man", leaving more to the imagination than not.

From the lyrics of this song, which is really heavy metal, Pumpkin Man is both born of fire and born of hate.  I'm not sure why, but I imagine Pumpkin Man as being on fire or at least his head is on fire.  It'd be like Ghost Rider but instead of a skull his head is a flaming pumpkin.  But just because he is born of fire doesn't mean that he is on fire.  So he might just end up being this monster who looks all burnt and crispy.

With what I know about horror films and such things, I know Michael Myers has been set on fire (and still came back) but this makes me think of the professional wrestler known as Kane, who has an origin story where he was thought to be killed by his brother (The Undertaker) but survived a fire.  So he would be born of fire directly by being in a burning house but also he'd be born of hate because his brother left him to die.  So perhaps if WWE's Kane more of a pumpkin theme he could be Pumpkin Man.

I'm not sure how this will all play out.  I'm definitely going to keep an eye on Heavenly Trip To Hell.  I'm curious as to whether or not they have some kind of reveal out there about what Pumpkin Man might look like.  But I also just really dig this style of music and feel like it would be fun to experience live.    If you enjoy the sound of brutality and know the difference between Freddy and Jason I'd definitely recommend this video and killer band.


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