Thursday, April 7, 2022

Music Review //
Frank Cogliano


Immediately after pressing play on "PET GHOST" a color scheme comes on that tells me that Frank Cogliano knows what he is doing as a visual artist.  I can tell from that first moment that this is going to be the type of music video that makes me proud to be a fan of music videos even though MTV hasn't really shown them for way too long.

With soft synths this feels minimal, spatial and digital.   The beats kick in and one thing which everyone should take note of being vital to this video and music connection here is that the music itself and the images you'll see moving through the video line up together ever so nicely.  It's not always possible, I know, but when the two aspects- visual and audio- can come together like this it just reminds me why music videos should be appreciated more.

At the beginning of this video, a person who looks as if they were generated through CGI but might just be part of a filter is shown up high on rocks.   This person then jumps into water and begins to sink.  By the end of the video, another person is shown swimming towards the original jumper, perhaps in that effort to save them.   Though there are no words in this video, these actions just speak volumes.

Not only is this fun and easy to listen to as a song on its own, but the way it syncs with the video makes it even better.  The fact that the video tells a story without words just goes to show that Frank Cogliano is a master at this.   This music video feels how I imagine Philip K. Dick saw the world and I absolutely love that about it.  

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