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Ad Vanderveen
"Air Guitar"

The video for "Air Guitar" exists mostly in black with white outlines of shapes.  It has a distinct look to it as the song comes out in that slow, Neil Young type of Southern rock feel.  It's definitely the type of song that fans of rock music which enjoy and sing along with, but also fans of rock music will also be able to relate with this= especially the older crowd.

Back before the internet was what it is now, children dreamed of becoming famous musicians and that meant getting signed to a major record label deal and them releasing your album and putting you in worldwide tours, etc.  Now, it's easy enough to create music on your iPhone with an app and post it for all to hear.  Just think: what once had to be heard after an album was released and you'd go to a record store and buy it can now be experienced by downloading an app.

The lyrics are on screen for this one as well and as the air guitar is being played the line "the greatest feel and sound by far" really sticks with me.  This just reminds me so much of being a kid, and when you're a kid you have these hopes and dreams.  When you're a kid you have this idea of what life is going to be like when you're older and I'm betting about 90% of the time kids are dreaming of growing up and paying off student loans.

Eventually, within the video there is a tennis racket and an actual guitar being played as well.   And one of the biggest components of this song and video, to me, is that imagination.  Kids today could go into VR or play something like "Guitar Hero" as a video game and have an experience which replaces us becoming Hendrix as a kid with an air guitar or Freddie Mercury in the shower with a shampoo bottle.  I'm not saying either is better than the other, I just wish kids could do both.