Music Review //
Chris Kabs

When listening to the song "More" by Chris Kabs, it starts with this great rhythm and beats.  It has singing in it and feels like it's best put into this category of pop/R&B but with a strong dance vibe.  This just really feels like the type of song you would hear in a club because when listening to it, the idea of not moving to it just doesn't feel possible.  

In society, as part of the United States, I think we are trained from an early age to always want more.   It's almost like a sickness in a way because it leaves a lot of people feeling empty no matter how much they have.   You could have $1000 in your bank account right now and wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire, but then if you had a million dollars would you still want more?

We are sold to in bulk at Cost Co, we are fans of the buffets for eating and everything just seems to be more more more.   This just puts a lot of focus on what we *don't* have rather than what we *do* have and I think it's more important to focus on what we do have.  This also can come out in a relationship, as this song suggests with lines like: "She says she wants some more / she didn't have enough".

People should be allowed to have lives outside of their relationships but being told you are not enough is also not something anyone wants to hear.  If you cannot condition yourself to be happy with what you have, you're always going to end up wanting more and you're never going to be happy.   And if you express these concerns and they are taken personally then you might just also lose important pieces of your life along the way as well.  Keep that all in mind when dancing along with this one.