Music Review //
Stevie Cornell
"Stevie Cornell"
(Sonoma-Sonic Records)

There is a very distinct sound within this self-titled album by Stevie Cornell.   This sound can take you back to a time when song titles were in the chorus and overall this just has that dreamy rock n roll vibe like Buddy Holly and that era of rock music.   Though it is dreamy at times it can also feel like a little bit of country and there is just a certain way which this type of music has those leanings.

"I Couldn't Reach You", for example, has that type of country walking/wandering sound to it.  "Sailboat" comes out more like a folk song in that Simon & Garfunkel way, though it does eventually kick in at times.   "I'm In A Dream" makes me think of certain melodies from the 1960's and even 1970's as it has a familiar feel which I just can't seem to put my finger on.  But, as with a lot of this album, the song also has those country undertones.

Nice guitars and a little bit of Dylan round out "Hope Came By Today" as "Black Hole in My Heart" feels like that serious spy theme.   "Sarah" has those acoustics and as the title suggests it just comes out much like a love ballad.  So many of these songs are straight and to the point with the lyrics, but if you're into dreamy/country/folk rock music then you're probably already aware of what that content might be.

Music can really create a mood and if you're listening to Stevie Cornell then odds are you know what that mood is.  Perhaps you didn't grow up watching commercials where they promised to send you the best hits of some genre for a low price on several CDs and that is how you know all of the Buddy Holly-type songs that you do.  (Why must I be a teen angel in love?) But you will have heard a similar sound at some point in your life and that's why this album will resonate with you.


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