Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Music Review //
Chris Ianuzzi


Prior to the release of the album "Maze", Chris Ianuzzi released "March of Madness" as a single and if you listened to that song you would have felt like it was a descent into madness.  In many ways, the entire album "Maze" can feel as if it is taking off into some sort of controlled chaos, a bit of madness and with all of the twists and turns that the sounds and moods shape the title is only fitting.

Right away, the album opens up with this industrial thrash sound that reminds me of The Prodigy.  There are a lot of influences in here that can be pulled out at various times but overall that sense of energy always seems to remain.   There is a drive through electronic distortion and I must name drop artists such as Nine Inch Nails as well as Oingo Boingo, who I've been listening to a lot more lately so that might also play its role.

"Saturday Night Confession" has more synth on it and can lean more towards the darkwave side of things.   Percussion, guitars and glitched out beats make me think of The Illegal Wiretaps on "So Far So Near" as we hear the line: "Down is up and up is down".  At times this does remind me of that tunnel boat ride Willy Wonka went on, but at times it can also make me think of the Mad Hatter and a song he might sing if Alice In Wonderland were to be directed by Guillermo del Toro.

"Shuttles" is instrumental, as becomes somewhat of the norm as the album goes on, and there are moments when I think of Doctor Who and moments when it just feels more fun, like a carnival ride.  It can feel like a video game- but an old school one- and by "Setagaya" there is that "Stranger Things" bass and robotic electronics.   However you should choose to experience this one, it is going to take you on a powerful trip.  Brace yourself.  

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