Music Review //
Stevie Cornell
"Turn It All Around"


There is a soft, understated quality in the music of Stevie Cornell.  With muted drum rolls this song can feel as if it is taking off in a fast paced way, but it remains mellow throughout and just feels like a cross between Simon & Garfunkel and Buddy Holly.  Rich with that folk but not acoustic as well as those sweet 1950's/1960's rock n roll melodies.   Stevie Cornell really is creating this rock n roll sound which has a retro feel but can also be made all his own.

Throughout these lyrics there are a lot of contrasts in life being put on display.  Examples such as sometimes you walk into a room and feel confident while other times you don't want to be noticed.   Also there is a verse about waking up feeling ready for the day and yet other times there just isn't enough coffee to get you going.  I think in life we often face these challenges and we do so in a very "one or the other" type of way, in that sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have bad days.

One of my favorite lines throughout this song is: "It's so hard to find motivation for the little things we do".   This just makes me think about the pandemic and how during it life changed for a lot of people- in various ways.   It's that whole idea of "Well, I haven't done that for two years so why go back to it now" and then also if you were laid off and at home you're likely just going to see things like going to the grocery store instead of having food delivered as being so mundane.  

As someone who writes, this song really appeals to me because I keep journals.  There is always that idea of writing about events that happen and having a lot to write about, but then in life we also have that downtime where sometimes there just isn't anything to write about.  There are also things we do in life which aren't really always worth writing about and that's always been something I've struggled with.  But this song can help you through those times when it might seem like what you're doing doesn't matter.


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