Music Review //
Fritz Michel
"Suddenly You Love Me"

If you've ever stopped to wonder why your relationship perhaps wasn't going the way you had hoped and thus come to the question of whether or not it was a toxic relationship, I suggest simply listening to the lyrics of "Suddenly You Love Me" if you need further reassurance.  This is a song about a toxic relationship- no matter how you frame it- and it is something which I feel we have all dealt with and what makes it tough is that you don't always see it until you step outside of it.

The music created by Fritz Michel on "Suddenly You Love Me" is upbeat.  It has an acoustic rock vibe to it with borderline punk, as it is fast paced and the "Zai Zai Zai" coming out like "Hey! Hey! Hey!" just enhances that.  In terms of the music, this is a fun little sing-along type of song, such as when Twenty One Pilots did "We Don't Believe What's On TV".   But the content of these lyrics is what makes the song stand out because it feels like this should be a happy go lucky love song but the lyrics present quite the opposite, more somber realization.

Though I feel it is important to pay close attention to these lyrics, the music video itself is also a pleasant distraction from doing that.   At times, Fritz Michel can simply be seen running through the woods and at other times the visuals have a very artistic way about them.  For some moments, he is simply wearing a fake beard.  But much like how life itself can distract us from the real problems at hand, so can this music video.

If you find yourself relating to any of the lyrics in this song- especially lines like "And you only start to worry when I say I'm leaving you"- then it might be best to take a long look at your relationship and examine whether or not it is best for you, for both of you.  While it can seem hidden behind the posi-acoustic punk music or the captivating visuals, the message is still there and when you are ready you should really hear it on every level.


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