Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Music Review //
Chris Ianuzzi
"March of Madness"

"March of Madness" begins with these smooth electronics and then yet there are also these distorted beats which kick in.  The vocals come out and remind me of a song somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Dana Fowler And The.   It has that industrial feeling about it, but it might not fully be as dark as all of that.  I really enjoy the energy behind it though and as we are in April now I think it should become the type of song we listen to at least once a year during what sports refers to as "March Madness", as a sort of unofficial theme song.

The video for this song is simply stunning.   There are images which look to all be computer generated or at least altered any way and they vary in levels of complexities.   It's really something to experience visually though as you can see aliens in a design that feels less complex and then an entire village scene which has way more details.  This is definitely the type of video you'll want to go back and watch more than once to not miss anything.

As the images- which can move- appear in this video they also disappear in a way which isn't always sane.   They sort of melt but in a wavy way which makes it look almost as if you have an old television set and the picture is going out.   This concept just adds to the overall allure of the song in both a lyrical and musical sense.   It certainly seems to have that way about it where if nothing else it is a decent into madness.

From start to finish, "March of Madness" is a song where just listening to it feels like a relief.  It has the type of energy which you should want to hear in order to cleanse your soul.  At the same time, this music video is a visual masterpiece and should be viewed by everyone at least once in their lifetime just to realize that the possibilities within this art form seem endless.  

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