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"January 22"

When "January 22" first starts it's hard not to imagine it as being like something off of the "Halloween" soundtrack.  It also feels as if we're about to go into a song by Evanescence, which on this first track isn't that far from the truth.  As Whitbeck takes us through this album the songs can change in their style but they overall just have this rock quality which can cross boundaries between punk and metal, yet always remain dark.

Other artists which you could compare Whitbeck with really depend upon the song.  There is an overall feeling of bands such as Blue October and Hinder, and especially Blue October because of the variety in these songs.  "Jan 22", the titular track of sorts, has more of a ballad feel to it while "Just A Little" feels even lighter and is a bit more catchy.  One of the bands I really relate this entire album with as well is Seether.

"Carpe Diem Sunrise" has big keys while "Cinema" feels more melodic, like that "Just What I Needed" song and also in the way that I think it'd be appropriate if Whitbeck covered that song as well.  "Pieces" definitely feels like some dark punk while it can remain catchy.  "Sunbeams" comes out in that true radio rock ballad way and while "What In The World" is more upbeat, the album ends with "In Other Words" which feels like Godsmack.

One of the biggest things which I like about modern rock music- and music in general- is that there are enough styles out there that a band could (and should) create a sound where every song doesn't have to sound the same but yet they can still have qualities which tie them together.  Other artists I've mentioned in this review have been good at this and Whitbeck also exceeds here and should be heard for that and many other reasons.


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