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Tom Guerra
"Sentimental Junk"

Tom Guerra has created a sound which blends both classic rock n roll with modern rock.  Whether or not someone could put this into a genre seems difficult because of the way the songs can change the sound, but if I had to pick something I'd just say it's some kind of new rock.  When it begins, there is this sound like The Briefs meets Tom Petty but also somewhat like "That Thing You Do!".   With keys within the rock n roll, the second song also has a sweet guitar solo and sings about what the title of the album is.

On "All Love Is Pain" I can hear undertones of Daniel Johnston and Neil Young, though it also reminds me a bit of the rock sound of the 1990's.   "California's Got to MY Girl" is a bit smoother, a bit more funky in some ways.   "Clean Cut Kid" brings about some thoughts of Huey Lewis and the News or just that idea of the future being so bring you have to wear shades.  It just feels like a classic John Cusack movie where the title of the movie is also the chorus to the main song.  

"Sat-o-Lite" has mastered this combination of The Mr T Experience as well as Beach Boys and it's quite lovely.   It ends with a guitar solo and then eventually we get to "Eyes of the World" which is also guitar heavy in that "Purple Haze" sort of way.   "Think for Yourself" brings back those thoughts of Huey Lewis, much like the fifth track did, and there are spoken words during the chorus on "Where's the New Rock and Roll".   The album ends with an instrumental song that has a nice walking guitar line and soulful keys.

Throughout the course of time there have been different variations on what was called rock n roll.  Certainly The Beatles were not thought of in the same way as Jimi Hendrix, but both are often associated with the term.  "Sentimental Junk" really just feels like the album that explores rock n roll from its earliest days up until the present while also creating a sound which can bring rock music into the future.   A definite must listen for any fan of rock n roll and incredibly well done.  


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