Music Review //
Susie Suh
"Invisible Love"


There are few artists who can compare with Susie Suh, though influences can certainly be heard and seen.   From the sound of the song "Invisible Love" to the stunning visuals presented as part of the music video, Susie Suh comes across as someone who genuinely understands how to create a music video fit for the year 2022, in that sense that if MTV had never stopped playing new music videos this is the type you would certainly see on it.

With moments of peace, there is only singing and beats.  The structure of "Invisible Love" can feel a lot like a Polly Scattergood song but the delivery belongs solely to Susie Suh.  During the chorus, the vocals become faster paced- more words at once- and then eventually even become overlapping to the point where it feels as if many voices are singing at the same time.  In this way, the song reminds me a bit of Madonna but not as much directly, more of in the way that it's a song Madonna might create.

Lyrically, as we get into the chorus it can seemingly become a mantra.  Listening to lines such as: "We will always be more than just human" are affirming and singing along, whether we realize it or not, can just be inspirational.   I definitely enjoy that this song is one which you could find yourself really getting into and not understanding the meaning of the lyrics at first but then one day it all just clicks and you feel so powerful.

Between being inside of a cave or on a beach this video takes us places.   In one scene, the artist is standing as a circle of reflections of her dance around her.  It just feels like the type of music video that someone with a firm understanding of the visual arts would create to accompany this wonderful song.   It doesn't feel like something from back when MTV showed music videos but rather something brand new and that is even better.


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