Music Review //
Francisco Martin
"Kissing On A Balcony"

If music isn't making you feel something then I don't think it's doing its job.  Songs can be good without emotion, but Francisco Martin seems to really capture just so much emotion in his songs, as they always feel like such a mood.  With "Kissing On A Balcony", that mood is one of summer.  It is one of sunshine and just what many people imagine California being like with the beach, sunglasses, shorts, rollerblades, ice cream, etc.  

Through the music itself, Francisco Martin creates synths and bass in a very upbeat and pop way.   Not only is this the type of song which should definitely be on the radio, it is the type of song which should definitely be on the radio right now because we are moving into summer.  This has those qualities which make for a huge summer hit, which reminds me of "Cool For The Summer", though the two songs aren't that closely related outside of the overall moods which they present.

Lyrically, this song is daring.  Personally I am not one who would be a fan of what the title suggests because I am afraid of heights.   I think that is what the title is about in a lot of ways though because you have that passion of kissing and it is intensified when there is that element of danger.  A line such as: "You feel like summer when it's raining" also hits directly because I've been swimming in the rain in summer before and it's just not the same as when it's raining during any other season.

As much as I like to think about songs being on the radio, the truth is that the radio isn't really as big as it once was because if you were so inclined to spend the summer listening to this song all you would have to do is add it to your playlist on Spotify, for example, or add this video if you're going to put it up on a screen indoors.  But really this is that type of song where you want to have speakers with your phone and let it blast at the beach.  It's that much fun and that much summer.  


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