Music Review //
Arnab Sengupta
"Leap of Faith" 

The musical stylings of Arnab Sengupta flow from jazz to that of a more soulful R&B.   Within these songs you will hear both Arnab Sengupta and Anshu Jha take over the lead vocals so this also makes the album feel somewhat more like a collective than just that traditional sound you think of when you imagine a band with a single singer.  This also enhances the overall music experience as this album can change from song to song but stay within the same groove that feels like home.

With a lot of soul, these songs can range anywhere from Edie Brickell to Nelly Furtado.  There are a lot of influences in between which I cannot quite place as well, but it does dip into that bohemian type of jazz sound as well.   There are complex keys and a saxophone and on "Alone but not Lonely" you can hear these dreamy guitar strums which make me feel like this is just created with magic, like something out of Disney.

"Perfect Line" feels like it's telling a story- both in the music and lyrics- and "Impermanence" has some nice piano parts.  Freestyle singing- where there are vocal sounds but not words- are a common theme on this album as well.   "Set in Stone" closes out the album with some guitar tones and just an overall smooth sound.  This is the type of album I imagine someone listening to while cleaning their house and then they forget that they're cleaning.

Once you feel as if you've embraced a good portion of this album musically, you can begin to think about the lyrics.  Songs like "Alone but not Lonely" give away what they are about and it is refreshing to see such subject matter touched upon.  Just because someone is on their own it doesn't mean they want to be with other people, but we also should learn to be comfortable with ourselves before joining others.   There is much to learn here, under this talented musicianship which will also leave you stunned.