Music Review //
Faron Sage
"Head Or Tail"


Faron Sage asks a lot of the tough questions in the song "Head Or Tail" and it feels like the type of context that students write papers about in college.   Glossing over a jaded world view, the lyrics of this song are perhaps what need to be focused on the most as it feels like a social commentary and one which we need to examine ourselves as a society.   There are certainly things which everyone would like to change that they cannot control and I feel like this song addresses that.

As the song begins with this nice bass line it kicks into something heavier in the chorus.  There are certainly elements of Future of the Left, Talking Heads and P.I.L. within here.   The vocals can feel more like they are spoken than any singing going on.   It just feels like punk in ways but then on some other level it can also begin to feel like it's crossing over into hip hop.   This definitely creates a unique sound which everyone should be hearing and I'd certainly like to hear more of it.  

One thing about this song being "Head Or Tail" is that so often in life we are presented with choices that just seem binary.  A prime example of this is the politics in the United States: we are typically either Republican or Democrat.  I feel in such a large way that this song touches upon that in the sense that if you believe the Republicans are liars why do you believe that the Democrats are not?   It's just one of those ideas that they're all politicians so they can all lie and life should be looked at as a whole and not in contrast.

With keys coming in that can sound like sirens, it is important to pay attention to this song not just because it is seemingly creating its own musical genre but also because of the words.   Having a lyric video is important here as we can examine lines such as "Is there anything we can do?", as our current situation may not be so bad but it also might just not be bad in comparison to the past and that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to change.   It's a lot to think about and hopefully everyone listens to this song and has similar discussions.


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