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Mental Fracture

Mental Fracture has a sound which can overall be thought of as metal, but throughout the course of "Disaccord" there are also other genres to explore.  The first song- "Echo of a Heartbeat"- feels more like an intro than anything else.  We get into the second song, "Summer Dies", and hear the intricate guitar work, pianos and synth tones which just make me think of the band Brazil.    These songs are fairly long, so they feel cinematic in their scope and often times can feel as if they're being played by a full on orchestra.

"Goodbye Forever" reminds me of Queen while "Hello" is a little lighter, a little bit more fun.  "Concrete Wall" starts off with acoustics but throughout the album the songs tend to have those starts and stops while also in the back of my mind making me think about The Beatles.   It's definitely heavy though and on the titular track it is instrumental with big crunchy guitar chords like Godsmack but also synths like telephone tones.   The keys just hit the sweet spot on the titular track as well.

"Clockwork" feels like the later work of Filter, or someone in that era of radio rock, but then it also gets heavy like metal.  The final song- "Hearts of Stone"- closes out the album with swirling guitars and overall this is just such a complex piece of music that it is something which has a lot to enjoy within it.    Many times music can be so straight forward and just easy to define but the more I listen to Mental Fracture the more little pieces I pick out of it that give more meaning to their range of sound.

One of the things which I like most about this album is that it's one which you have to spend time with to fully appreciate.   In the world today, we spend far too much time getting that instant gratification- getting what we want and getting it right now.  Just listening to this album from start to finish takes dedication but then you should hear it more than once to become fully aware of everything involved within creating this sound.  That focus, that longevity makes me truly enjoy this one.


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