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Science Man
(Swimming Faith Records)

$15 // //

The music of Science Man hits hard and it hits fast.   There are elements of hardcore in here but also elements of punk rock.   I'm reminded of artists such as New Bomb Turks and Fight Paris, but for some reason I keep also going back to Drowningman.   I'm not sure if it's because they both end in "man" or if there are closer similarities within the music but I also feel like I'm partially biased to this sounding like Drowningman because of their album "Rock n Roll Killing Machine" which I happen to think is a great way to describe the sounds of Science Man. 

Aside from that album title being a genre, there are some killer guitar riffs here through starts and stops.    It's not quite as screamy as Drowningman, but it's hard to find something closer to say this sounds like-- which is good because it just goes to show that Science Man are forging their own way by combining sounds in a way which ultimately cannot be easily described.

It might just be that I reviewed them recently and have been listening to their music a lot as well, but this reminds me of Buck Gooter in some way as well.   Science Man and Buck Gooter playing a show together would be quite wild.    If there needs to be an existing genre to describe this it might be rock n rollcore, which I do feel I've used before so it's at least a genre created by me if it doesn't exist otherwise.

"Pain Alter" has big drums and I enjoy the lyrics of "Can't fight it off" on the song "Virus" because it seems like this has been the winter where everyone has been sick, thought they were better and then quickly got sick again.   The sickness might not end until Spring (I feel ok now but what about next week?) but at least we have these songs to help us through these seeming end of times and also to keep my neighbors in check.   Play it loud and play it proud, this one should blow some speakers.


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