Cassette Review //
Guide To Bizarre Behavior "Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 6"
(ShanGORIL La Records)

$5 // //

This cassette opens with a funky rock number with an audio clip about how good parties can leave bad after smells and there is a product which can get rid of it for you, which I use several times a week called Febreeze but maybe that's just me.    This goes into a song which has this trippy feel, like Simon & Garfunkel, but also some modern vibes like TMBG and it just kicks in and comes out so great.   It's such a trip.    The guitars just pierce on through and it feels like what would have happened had Willy Wonka had a soundtrack by The Grateful Dead and Perry Como. 

As the vocals become layered it reminds me of Michael Chinworth and not just because I've been listening to "Three Vapors" a lot recently.   You can really hear the drums as the songs sing about distressed jeans.    Guitar solos make us feel like we're being transported into outerspace and then we switch into some darker key sounds which somehow manage to also bring out something which sounds like a tambourine in a swamp.    GTBB has such a unique sound that it really comes out here and I think if everyone heard this they would also fall in love with its beauty.

We break down into a song which could best be described as garage thrash and there are some pistons pumping before we go into something a bit more dreamy.    This takes us into a nice driving rock guitar part which seems to be a bridge within the music.    This particular guitar based melody also takes us to the end of the first side. 

On the flip side we open with guitar strums and spoken words which take us into this acoustic song which is quite wonderful: "Your company is overrated".    The next song comes ringing through with keys like Ben Folds and I'm pretty sure they said "Grateful Dead and KFC are the same thing" which is funny given my Grateful Dead idea back from the first side.    The vocals get higher and the songs can stay acoustic but they're just so good.   It's like if Beck was collaborating with the Flaming Lips.

The guitars can begin to sound like surf and this one just gets wild into that rock n roll.    This takes us into a song with tones in a sequence with words singing along about church and the such and this reminds me of TMBG again until it doesn't.   "How many more of you are there left on this planet" makes me think this is about aliens and outerspace and I dig it.    This sort of fun, playing clouds like they're keyboard notes song ends the cassette and it just feels like such a strange trip, but a fun one overall so definitely a trip worth taking.


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