Music Review //
Chasing Abbey
"Hold On" //

When first listening to "Hold On" I can feel the electronic vibes.   It's not just in the vocals-- this has that sense where it's electronic where it could turn into rock ala Blue October's "Into the Ocean".   This could create quite a diverse album for Chasing Abbey, and as the song goes on, you can begin to hear the beats and it definitely has more of a hip hop feel to it as I begin to think of who I know who would rock this song and what type of music they tend to lean towards.

Being who I am (and how old I am) I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to hip hop.   I like it old school and though I will listen to some of the newer stuff, a lot of it is based upon having that old school influence.   There are not a lot of new rappers who are creating new sounds that I enjoy.  (See: the radio)  However, there are a handful of emcees out there who don't sound like the hip hop cassettes I listened to growing up and I really am into that aspect when it works, as it does here.  (See Also: Denzel Curry)

Chasing Abbey creates a sound of modern hip hop that I can't quite place or compare with anyone else because it doesn't even sound like what is considered modern right now.   There is no modern rapper that I could compare this with and not just because I like it.   The chorus when the title is being sung is just huge and melodies over beats.   The flow is real and if you can't feel it you're just not on this same level.

"Hold On" seems to be a common song title but this is likely my favorite version of it.   The fact that there is a line in here about how the music saved him just makes me like it that much more.   If you're making music, you should really enjoy it, and having that feeling resonate within the words just helps the listener feel like they like it too.   Appreciating people who appreciate music is a real thing, but this song is also just too smooth so you should be playing it late at night every night. 


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