Music Review //
The Irrepressibles
"International" //

"International" is full of big beats, spoken words and an overall eerie feeling with these keys.   It feels like the soundtrack to a film in an airport for some reason.     There exists a darkness within the keys and with more than one person speaking it feels like a conversation.   It grows more and more intense, like a plane preparing for take off, until it finally feels as if it will burst at the seams.

The video begins by telling us "This is a message sent from the future".    It feels like we're floating in space, like "Star Wars", but when you are reading the text in the video it will tell you to save us, much like a video game and I'm reminded of that arcade game in "The Last Starfighter".   Once it kicks in and the words are spoken, you can see the English subtitles underneath the talking heads and with all the triangles and "Tron" type of graphics this can feel quite trippy.

What I like about this music video is that it sets a definite tone for the song.   When I first listened to the song- before watching the video- I had this idea of what the song might be like in my head-- it started painting the visuals for me.   To hear the song by itself and then imagine whatever comes into your head isn't wrong, but it is interesting to see what the artists have of more of their actual intentions for their song than what plays in my head when I hear it.

Often times you can hear a song and then also find a music video for it and feel okay with both of them but don't really feel like they're connected.   I won't name names, but I have seen videos which are good and the songs are good but they just don't come together like others do.    "International" has that feeling of once you see the video it makes sense and then it might be the only way you see it.   Not to say that you might not still create your own images in your mind, but you will at least feel like the audio and visual have a deep connection.