Music Review //
Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research
"Impromptus and Other Short Works"
(WhyPlayJazz) //

This starts with slow horns at first and then it kicks in dreamy like a cartoon.    Deeper horns now with those cymbal rides, it gets a little messy but it also breaks down and starts grinding.    This is such a wild album and "29 Shoes" is one of my favorite songs on it because it has this great pacing and just bangs.   The song seems to set the tone for the entire album as it seems crazy but in a way which you can love it.

"Kleine Figuren" has a slower, the party is over type of feel to it while "Lines" has more of a dance vibe to it.  It starts and stops, kind of like salsa for some reason to me and then it walks down that lonely road.   "Shifting" is sharp, like the cutting of strings, but also somehow dark like the bass in Jaws.   It's kind of twisting back and forth now as well, winding...

w i n d i n g

"Sticks" is a dark march.   Lots of cymbals and slow horns on "For Jim" and I think we all know someone named Jim, don't we?   By the last song I really feel like we could start dancing, like the way they did back when swing was really popular, but overall this is an album that breaks tradition, does what it wants and just comes out sounding like so much fun and raw energy. 


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