Music Review //
"Throw Them Out" //

Electronic static fades in and out paving the way for back and forth tones.    The vocals kick in with the beats and this is just on another level.    So much of the music that I listen to and enjoy falls into that category of "doesn't sound like anyone else".    You make generalities like being into this if you like someone such as Garbage or Portishead or Ladytron, but alas, there is no comparison point where you could even say "This sounds like a cross between this artist and this other artist" and I love that about it.

As it kicks in, the beats get faster and you can really dance to this but I prefer to think more of it as a fast moving car down a unlit highway in the middle of the night.   There are such progressions in the tones and the melody within the vocals coupled with the thundering electronica just makes this such a rare combination-- usually you hear one, but I'm not sure I've ever heard it with the other before.

Near the end the voice kind of starts getting choppy and it just has this effect where you can feel it as a song that has many layers and isn't just verse/chorus/verse, which I also feel is rather important.  In some ways, it feels like this is such a loud explosion of music, this burst of electronics, that you could just hear it as a bang and it might not be until the third or fourth time which you hear the song when you begin to pick out all of the delightful facets which comprise this sound.

I've listened to this song enough times now that it could create several albums and that just makes me that much more interested in what this might sound like, in what FÄR might sound like, on more songs.   Would an album open up with a much more electronic feel or could it even go the way of rock, as I could see this shifting into something closer to Polly Scattergood and then even Metric from there.    The idea that an album from FÄR would likely be some sort of combination that didn't fall in any genre and just created a sound all their own is perhaps what I like most about FÄR and why you should be listening to this song on repeat.


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