Music Review // Sam Drysdale "Bonnie"

If you look back throughout the history of rock music and try to find songs with titles that have names in them, I bet there aren't as many as you think.  It feels like The Beatles had quite a few, but overall, in comparison to the number of songs in general, it just feels like there aren't a lot and what's more so is that it doesn't feel like musicians in modern times are creating them as much as they used to be.

Enter Sam Drysdale and his very straight forward song about "Bonnie".  Does anyone know anyone named Bonnie?  When I was a kid, my second dog ever was named Bonnie and I'm under the impression Bonnie is a character from FNAF, but that's about it.  I don't know anyone who is out there in real life as a human named Bonnie but Sam Drysdale does and he is apparently in love with her.

With elements of folk and just that acoustic pop rock sound, "Bonnie" is an upbeat love song and we really need more of these in the world.  The more music can focus on the positive the better I feel like the mood is all around.   This video is in black and white with images of snow.  At the end it looks like he has blood on his shirt, as if something bigger is going on here, but perhaps that is a theme to his other videos we need to deep dive into.

The chorus of this song really says it all.  Lines like: "Bonnie I think I love you more each day" are followed by asking her to marry you and saying that if he couldn't love you he thinks he'd just die.   I miss this type of passion.  I miss when songs just felt like one person loved another person this strongly.   And I'm glad that Sam Drysdale is paving the way for hopefully other artists to follow suit.  


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