Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Cassette Review // SPACE CAMP "GOLD STAR"

The sound of SPACE CAMP can just overcome you like a wave.   To truly understand the sound of SPACE CAMP, in many ways you have to go back into the history of music which is both loud and violent.   I remember one of the first hardcore bands I ever heard was Sick Of It All.  Now, when you think about that sound as a genre of hardcore but then think of other bands who were prominent in the scene since then, it becomes quite vast.  

From Bane to Shut Down to Darkest Hour, the hardcore is out there if you're looking for it.  But SPACE CAMP seems to exist in the same sense that you would look at going from Sick Of It All to Atreyu or Nora-- it's an evolution.  One of the best ways that I think of this sound is being at the beach.  Imagine you go in the sand, as close to the water as you can get without getting too far into the water, and you pose for some sort of planned photo.

But your plans are interrupted by a wave crashing over head, drenching everyone involved and making for an unexpected yet somewhat cool photo.   SPACE CAMP has that type of sound.  It's hardcore, it's heavy, it's noisy, but most importantly you just feel it in every aspect of your body.  This sound completely consumes you.   This is that next evolution and I'm here for it.  This is the sound which could quite possibly end the world.

If you listen to modern versions of hardcore you may or may not be able to draw your own influences from SPACE CAMP.   For me, the nice touch to all of this is listening to a song like "WE HAVE DECIDED TO STAN FOREVER" and hearing these industrial elements in there, such as Nine Inch Nails might have used on one of those more instrumental songs on "The Fragile".  Regardless of the influences you hear, "GOLD STAR" is bold, in your face and not to be overlooked.  

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