Cassette Review // IN DER WELT "IN DER WELT" (Les Disques Bleus enregistrements)

This is such an amazing sound as IN DER WELT just bleeds hardcore throughout this cassette.  It begins and remains screamy throughout with little pause.  At times it can be melodic, but it is overall just hardcore music: heavy and loud.  Somewhere between Snapcase and Poison The Well, this also finds a way to touch down on the metal side of things with those screeching guitars that reign down on occasion.

The metal really comes out by the second song and then it gets crunchy during the third song.  It begins to also remind me of Nora, as there are crushing breakdowns on "Watchtower".  There are a few times during this cassette when it goes off into spoken word and those seem to be the more tranquil moments, the clarity in the chaos if you will.  Though it is also worth noting that by "Totem" we get into these dreamy Deftones-like guitars, which just set the mood.

As the sound slows and begins prodding more spoken words come over dreamy ambient tones.  This reminds me in some ways of Silent Drive as well, just for the mixture of beauty and madness.   On "Well Done Friends" there are these big beats to start off, like something Glassjaw would've done back in the day.   A quiet, whispering, lingering ends that song before we get into this super heavy distortion at the end of the final song, which is how this all ends.  

When listening to such a sound as IN DER WELT has created here, I'm not opposed to hearing just ten songs in ten minutes and have them all be very loud and in your face.   But IN DER WELT does carry that abrasive manner through their songs, but it also can take a step back and dip off into something different.  I like that this can both be played loud as a sign of anger or frustration, but at the same time there are also these intricate details which need to be appreciated just as well.