Music Review // JEEN "So What"

The music of JEEN is very comforting in that it has these qualities of pop but there are also elements within which make it feel like so much more.  In ways, this reminds me of a synthwave type of song, which creates a certain sense of nostalgia that adds layers to this song that begin to trick my mind into thinking that I've heard it before.

With the quick pace and mellow delivery, JEEN have a song here that is important for everyone to really listen to lyrically because there is a lot which you could take from it.  On one hand, the lyrics are about desire and what you want in life.  The idea of that being something that you've wanted and worked for "so long" and then to add "so what" just makes it seem like whatever you're doing, just keep doing it, don't give up.

Life isn't about when other people reach their goals- it should be, for you, about when you reach yours.  If you haven't yet, so what, as long as you're on your way just keep going and you'll reach them.  The only way you won't reach them is if you stop.   At the same time there are these lines: "Leave me on the mend / sit me on the couch / talk to me until I pass out".   Sleep, in many ways, can be a great reset.

Sometimes when you feel like you're just going and going and going you need that sleep to take yourself out of the situation so you can go back into it with a clearer mind.  Whether it's a problem you can't solve or just knowing you have so much left to do before completing something, you can always use that rest as a reset button and I think that along with the idea of just continuing, JEEN has an inspirational song here.