Music Review // Daniel Isaiah "Brock Avenue"

"Brock Avenue" is such a beautiful song filled with inner reflections.   Daniel Isaiah takes us for a trip in this song, which many of us might have made in real life, to that old town and street where he grew up.   Filled with the memories of childhood, places that have changed and stayed the same, it's not just a way for Daniel Isaiah to revisit his upbringing but also for you to be reminded of yours.

One of the strangest things about growing up and moving away is coming back and knowing "This used to be the house of my classmate" and now you don't know who lives there, just that they don't any more.  What's even worse is seeing the places that have changed, like how we used to have a local video store here and it is now a vape shop.  

This song is the voice of Daniel Isaiah singing plus the piano and as gets to the end the piano becomes louder, but it's soft and delicate.  In some ways, it reminds me of the intro to the "American Pie" song, but overall Daniel Isaiah just lends his own sound to it.  The focus is definitely on the lyrics over the music though, as this is a story you must pay attention to while it is being told.  

By the end, Daniel Isaiah reveals that this was a trip to take because his mom had died.  This leads us to lyrics about how our memories don't live within these places but rather within the people who we shared them with.   This is really profound and I think more people need to understand that we don't leave those people inside old buildings, but rather we carry their spirits with us wherever we go and that's what life's about.  


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