Cassette Review // Walter Wright "Walter Wright" (MAANG #91)

This is a cassette for which I do not have a lot of information.  It was released in 2016 and if you go to the site above you'll find the link of releases where #90 and #92 are shown- both by id m theft able- and this release is absent.  I did a flat out Google search, checked Bandcamp and checked Discogs and nothing really helped me find more information on this.  That actually makes it a bit cooler to me because you're going to have to dig to find this (probably) or if you're like me, pick it up from id m theft able at a show.

Footsteps begin this one.  A sound like a bouncing ball comes in, but then that sound is manipulated to where it squeaks and feels as if the bouncing ball is being crushed and making sounds based on that.   This feels like it could be a game of that type of tennis you play inside- when Kids In The Hall had The Eradicator- but it also just has that sound where you can feel as if it's being made with musical instruments of some kind over a field recording.

Screeching comes in now, like the zoo, and the level of this bouncing ball hitting increases to where it feels violent.   A fluttering of wind comes through now with electronics.   It's very much squeaky now, with higher pitched tones, but then these deeper demonic type of sounds come in the back to where they almost feel like they are forming words.   These whirrs go up and down while it sounds as if percussion is thundering down behind them.   A sort of glitch beeping now takes over as every other sound is thrown into chaos.

Banging and humming find their way into the sound as it slows down.   This feels rather mechanical and I'm not sure where exactly I saw this one going before but it feels now like it's inside one of those old barns that have airplanes in them- such as in The Rocketeer, but I know have been in many other forms of media throughout time.   It's just the echoing that makes it feel as such too.   Chirping like birds also comes through with these pinball machine type of glitches.  Still, that sound of an engine revving up and taking off persists.   

Loud, streaking lasers shoot through just when it seemed like it was calming down.  The rattling and banging of the percussion continues now as this sound like an air horn- as if to tell the villagers to evacuate the town- comes through and it is ever so loud.   The percussion becomes much heavier now, faster.   We're circling the drain now as the sound of fireworks streaking through the air comes in as well.   A scraping like vacuum comes through now, as the sounds waves up and down.

As everything once again seems to calm down to reach an end, there is this distinct type of laser sound coming through with a drone.  It feels like now we've just gone out into space and are blasting.   But this also somehow brings in this loud, horn type of sound.   This takes us into a percussion which sounds like bucket drumming.   It feels like we're getting washed at the end with this sound that's either up and down or back and forth while cleaning.