Music Review // Ava Della Pietra "sick"

Right away, you should be pulled into the song "sick" by Ava Della Pietra.  This is just such a catchy song and the rhythm behind it maintains a beat where it feels just impossible not to move with it.   While I wouldn't be able to compare this with specific modern artists, I can definitely say that I feel like this song would be a proper addition to the soundtrack of a movie such as "Pitch Perfect".

If you've ever been in love, you've likely known what it is to feel some way about somebody else to where it makes you feel sick.  As a teenager, I can remember nights where it felt like I stayed up and got no sleep just thinking about someone else.  I'm not sure the medical reasons for our bodies acting this way, but they tend to do it and if you haven't felt this way then you're really missing out.

Lyrics within this song such as "I've got a headache over you / do you have one too?" feel more personal, in a specific way which everyone might not be able to relate with exactly.  However that idea of: "I've got a fever / my head's in space" is what I think most people can think of when they are along those lines of being lovesick.

Releasing this new single on Valentine's Day feels so perfect as Ava Della Pietra has this wonderful love song which isn't as gushy as other love songs because it is also about illness but underneath it all, yes, it is such a pure and sweet love song.  I dare to say that the music and chorus are infectious and whether your disease is love or just not being able to get this one out of your head, you can certainly enjoy "sick" year round.


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