Music Review // Kellie Loder "When We Kiss"

As we get further into the month of February, we get closer to Valentine's Day and "When We Kiss" just feels like such a perfect song for a playlist based around that day.   Soft acoustics and vocals make up the whole of this song which is about exactly what the title says.   The chorus says that when we kiss "The world gets lost in your lips / The hair stands up on my neck", among other things, and this is a love song.

The tough thing about a love song is that it puts you in a specific mood and so if you're not having luck with love or don't feel these things because you're not kissing people then this song might miss with you.   But if you do feel these things then this song will help you to further realize that and make those feelings seem even more intense.

Perhaps one of the most important lines in this song- not just for Valentine's Day but for love in general- is when it says: "They were right / You'll never find it / If you're looking".  I feel like if you're someone who is spending Valentine's Day alone and you just feel unlucky in love then this is the message for you.  

Kellie Loder has somehow managed to craft the perfect love song.  Within these sounds resonates beauty, but within the lyrics you can also find love.  If you love someone, this song will hit you on that level.   But if you don't have that special person in your life, listening to this song could provide you that hope and motivation to take you where you want to be.  


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