Music Review // Hua Li 化力 "Part Time Muses"

Part Time Muses" begins with this energy that just does let up throughout the entire song.  On first listen, this feels like a pop song with elements of soul in it.  There are those thoughts of artists who you might hear on the pop radio in current time, but then there also is this added layer which can eventually be heard which pushes this more towards a genre of hip hop.

Musically, there isn't really rapping because there is singing but this sound can remind me of past artists such as TLC and Destiny's Child.  There is just a flow to it that is so smooth.  This is important as the song seems to present this idea of going to a place where you shouldn't go or that you don't want to go.   If you're a part time muse then that would suggest that sometimes you offer up inspiration and other times you don't.

This music video involves a lot of walking up and down the streets.   This plays into the idea when Hua Li refers to the avenues and questions why she went there.  So in many ways it feels like these part time muses are a place you can put into Google maps, but at the same time I feel like they can be almost vices- such as drugs and alcohol- as they can sometimes lead to an experience of writing a song but also at a price.

Whatever you feel like you are doing in your life that is going well at times but at other times does not could be your part time muse.  If you feel like you're spending too much time on something and just not getting that feeling from it which you feel like you should, then listen to "Part Time Muses" and demand satisfaction.  


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