Music Review // Mawzy "Better Man"

One of the biggest problems we might face as humans is that we have our faults and sometimes certain people are not able to admit that they aren't perfect.  This ends up in a big mess, typically, and people get into more trouble just because they can't admit that they made a mistake.   Here we have a song by Mawzy where mistakes were not made but he just wants to be better simply because he knows he can be.

"Better Man" is a trip of smooth soul, powerful pop and at times it can even feel like synthpop.   It's just so calm and mellow, which reflects the lyrics of the song as well.  It's a declaration, but it's also not really threatening or too brash.  The message is just kind of matter of factual, which also seems to come out within the general vibe of the music.

During this music video we follow a couple and really the driver is following the passenger.  We begin at a gas station, then take off driving with her in the passenger seat.  Eventually she is out of the car and running, then he joins her on a boat.   This pattern continues and the best way to think about it is that she's just always kind of one step ahead of him while he's trying to catch up.  At first, this could seem like a negative thing but I really don't think that it is.

As with the lyrics of the song, I feel like this is more of a way of showing that when he is with her he is a better person and he wants to be a better person.   I feel like people will seek out partners for money, status and any number of other things but really we should be looking for those people who we can help make better but also that they help to make us into better people.  Mawzy has captured that here and hopefully people take note.


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