Music Review // Melina Coolen "Behind Every Cloud"

They say that behind every cloud is a silver lining.  Sometimes you just have to think about the problems and struggles in your life as when the clouds block the sun.  It may take longer than you'd like, but eventually those clouds move and the sun is shining brightly again.   These are just a few examples of what can be "Behind Every Cloud" in this song by Melina Coolen.

"Behind Every Cloud" begins with piano keys.  This becomes complex and the way the piano is being played feels like the way that Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar.  There is so much going on, just for this starting out as piano sounds.  But the big strings come into this as well, lending it some classical undertones, while the overall feeling could even stretch into the blues.  Most importantly though, it is to note that this song has soul.

This song is instrumental, but you can hear the words in your head as the music moves along.  We reach this one bridge where you can really feel the notes dancing around and in that sense it does begin to feel like the ballet.  I imagine the story being acted out on a stage, so even though there are no words being spoken or sung you still have that general idea of what is happening by following the actions.

One of my biggest beliefs about music is that it always has felt like the universal language.  When you think about artists who are worldwide maybe people who don't speak English don't understand the words but can still recognize great songs.  In this same sense, Melina Coolen proves that you don't need to speak any language to understand music because the tone and tempo of the music itself can often times be all that you need.