Music Review // ALOYSIUS BELL "Wreckage"

Right away, "Wreckage" has these smooth keys that lead the sound.  It's somewhere between jazz and blues, that coffee shop idea with soul.   The sound can be similar to that of Nelly Furtado or Norah Jones.   There is just something about this music which feels so pure and so when it comes through and you can hear when everyone is singing and playing at the same time it just makes me so happy.

Lyrically this song is about being in the midst of a fight or just a situation where you don't want to be.  The lines "Give me the truth in the message" and the hook of "I won't be caught here in the wreckage" showcase that idea of being in something which can feel like a sinking ship and you're not going down with the ship.   This could be thought of as a relationship between two people but I also like to think of it from a business side, where maybe you would sing this to your soon to be ex-employer.

As someone who listens to many different genres of music, I must say that deep within this song I feel as if it has a metal / hardcore vibe to it that someone needs to explore.  If you listen to songs on the Fearless Records compilations where it's "Punk Goes..." I think "Wreckage" has this way of being something that could have a great hardcore breakdown and just covered to where it feels more like a hardcore song than anything else.

I also believe that just shows the universal message within this song is there.   It just feels like no matter how you say it, the song is powerful enough that the message won't be denied.  And the sound of the song just crosses several genres and it has enough intensity that when you hear this you will be under its spell.  


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