Music Review // Caméra "Matsutaké"

Caméra have created an instrumental synth-based song called "Matsutaké" that is both relaxing and chill.  As the synth tones begin the song there are guitar plucks which join in at times.  Whooshes come in behind it while the sound also just begins to feel as if it is expanding.   The synths can feel like they're lighting up as well, as if they are bricks someone is jumping on and as they land the light comes on.

Overall this song is calm and it feels almost like it would be the score to a scene in the middle of a film.  It doesn't have that energy of the start or the conclusion of the end, but it feels more like what happens in between.  Life is a lot of that: what happens in between.   So it's fun to listen to this song as you just kind of feel like you're going from one mission to the next.

i really also like to think of this as being from an era when "Mary Poppins" was a film.  It's somewhere between that movie and "Logan's Run" for me, but mostly because I can imagine this as a plot where a Dick Van Dyke type character would be jumping from cloud to cloud in some sort of sci-fi / fantasy version of a chimney sweep.

Regardless of what type of images it can create in your mind while listening to it, "Matsutaké" definitely feels a song on an album which will take you from one to the next.   In this same way, this song feels like a nice bridge between two other songs you might add on a playlist.   Sometimes life is just about that in between and Caméra have reminded us of that here.  


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