Cassette Review // The Year We Discovered the Candy Drop "The Year We Discovered the Candy Drop"

High pitched string plucks come through to start this off.  Sounds like traffic or a train passing by outside come in with it.   Whistling and then a feeling of hammering as well.  In a lot of ways, this makes me think of that old story about John Henry and how he built train tracks faster than a machine.  It feels like it has that mechanics of train tracks and machines, but then there is also this other sound which feels like a human clanking and banging to create a similar sound.  It really just feels like John Henry.

As we can begin to hear voices speaking, even higher pitched tones come in to join them.   Singing is in here now as well, replacing the high pitched tones, and then someone comes through saying you can win a hundred bucks but it feels a little distorted.   A loop now which feels like it's just pumping in a circle comes in and grows faster, feeling like we're going forward at large speeds.   Numbers are being read and the lucky winner is being found.  

Hearing this really makes me want to do more recording in random places, such as places where people might be but music might not.   This just really feels like it puts you right into the room, and if I was there in person I wouldn't have the winning number anyway.   I would not get to see Nancy to claim my door prize.   Motors are going by now and the voices are becoming more distant.   I believe the person on the speaker said they're getting the plane ready right now.   AC/DC can be heard over the house speakers now, as we are "Back In Black".

The plane is coming!   Everyone is cheering and you can hear the motor as a plane does a flyover.   After a laugh, this begins to swirl around to sound like a psychedelic swarm of bees.   Loud screaming and banging turns into a lot of applause.   Someone says something about a basketball game now and this field recording just has it all.  One day I hope to see drones playing basketball.  That'd be exciting.   Now a story about how someone got a potato but was told it was an apple.

There is the sound now like a turning of a jack-in-the-box, that type of melody, but also a lot of banging behind it.   Someone is speaking now through the rumbling of the train.   I'm not sure why these words are being yelled back and forth but I'm going to guess it has to do with trains.   They both just keep repeating "experts" now and I really want to be a train expert.   A quieter sound now, like blowing air into a soda bottle.  

The sound of running water is coming through now, such as a small stream coming from a faucet into a puddle.   Singing between two different people comes through now, as the water continues to drop.   The two voices are harmonizing together and also spelling out p-i-s-s, which is interesting with that sound of running water.   It feels like there could even be three voices singing at the same time now and applause can also be heard.  


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