Cassette Review // If I Could Just Get Some Sleep "010715" (Personal Archives)

One common factor I feel most people can agree with in present times is that no one is really getting enough sleep.  We have to stay busy to keep working so we can afford to be alive.  So when you have a musical project named If I Could Just Get Some Sleep, I am 100% going to be on board because I am always tired.  With this name and title though, I wasn't sure what to expect going in with the sound but it seems only fitting now that IICJGSS has an angry passion for hardcore.  

With synths accompanying most of these sounds, this feels like Refused at times but there are also elements of Snapcase and Drowningman within her as well.  There are screams, and the bass gets big and distorted on the second song.  We go from this video game groove into darker tones which have screams about not being able to eat nor sleep.  This is how we end the first side, after the lyrics: 

"I can't fix my head / I can't fix myself / I can't fix these words / Have I lost my mind?

On the flip side the synth lasers go through with the screaming.  Big drumming can be heard and the way in which this all comes through in unison is nice.  Before the end of the entire cassette there are some distorted drums and it just seems to end in an instant.   This cassette feels like one of rage but that rage feels justified by frustration.  No matter what your current situation in life is, I just think more people are likely feeling this way right now than not.  Put this one on, turn it up and let's try and take some power back.


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