Friday, February 16, 2024

Music Review // MARZIA "SHE IS HER"

The sound of MARZIA is an interesting one because it begins with these beats and feels rather chill.   It has this almost hip hop vibe, but then as the song goes on you can begin to hear the soulful singing come out and bring in new sounds.  This all starts with an audio clip of someone talking as well, which makes it feel even more experimental, but by the end of it I'm also putting it into different genres.

Underneath a cloud of smoke, there is an old time bar where someone gets up on stage and sings in a way which I can only compare with Jessica Rabbit.   This song makes me think of that for sure and the more I listen to it the more I think of that idea as well.  Perhaps this is from a spy movie also, where the song is a distraction on stage for someone else in the crowd doing some secret spy stuff.

Regardless of how inviting this sound might be, the song itself has lyrics such as: "You didn't hide it so well" and "You can't get over her eyes" which go to show you that this song is about finding that one person who is going to change your life.  This song is about treating that person well and sticking with them because, as the lyrics say "...once it's gone / You'll never forgive yourself".

"SHE IS HER" ends with this piano outro which sets the mood in my mind even further.  This still makes me feel like it's an important song for the message that it isn't about breaking up or having a bad time but rather it's focused on just completely appreciating and cherishing what you have, holding onto it and never letting go.  

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