Music Review // Nicky MacKenzie "Comfortable"

There is a lot to be said for this song "Comfortable" just in the sense that the message within it isn't about being comfortable so much as being not comfortable.  This raises one of those interesting points where you could wonder why the song wouldn't just be titled "Uncomfortable" and how that could change the whole basis of the song.   But it is just fun to take it as it is as well, without thinking about grammar.

The chorus has the lines "Don't wanna be comfortable / I can't be waiting too long", which makes sense, but I kept getting thrown off when they would say "I always wanna leave", but it's because it comes at the end of "I believe I can't get comfortable / If I always wanna leave".  That's your first sign that this song is about the opposite of the title and I feel like we all have places in our lives where we feel comfortable but they are less than they should be.

One of the lines I also really like says: "Close enough to find my truth but something's missing".   The thing about comfort and being comfortable is that there are times in life when you shouldn't be comfortable.   Sometimes you might find yourself getting too comfortable, and that's when you become complacent and just feeling stagnant and stale can really take its toll on your mental health.  Sometimes you need to keep moving.

With a big voice and overall sound like Alessia Cara, Nicky MacKenzie has created a song that wants to find comfort in living but also knows the importance of not settling at the same time.   Sometimes it's just a simple matter of knowing that the easiest way isn't always the right way, but if you've ever felt like your life was boring maybe it's time for you to put this song on and stop feeling so comfortable. 


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