Music Review // Mitchell Makoons "Courage"

Mitchell Makoons has created a song here that is an electric feeling folk number.  It has those elements where it can seem acoustic, but it really sounds more electric.  It's an electric John Denver sound that just flows quickly and direct to get the message across.  When you listen to this song though, I hope it does bring you "Courage".

There are a lot of things out there in the world which happen and make us feel like we need courage, even if we don't know it.  A lot of my social awkwardness and social anxiety can be placed to just thinking about how much I need courage.  Going somewhere I've never been before, for example, is one of those things and I always have that lingering idea of "What if my car gets towed?"  So I feel like I need someone there to tell me that my car won't get towed and if it does that's why I have AAA so I'll be okay.

This song takes us on a ride in that sense but much broader as well, as the world is currently a fairly scary place.  Mitchell Makoons sings in the chorus:" Creator give me courage / cause I'm scared as hell / everything keeps changing / I'm unsure of myself" and that's just needing positive reinforcement so we feel more certain of ourselves.  We need to focus on the good that could happen instead of the bad.

The chorus continues: "Don't know where I'm going / but I know just what to find / looking for a little peace of mind" and that's the conclusion of how we can find something in this world to help guide us through it.  I get it because everything is going up in price right now except for how much we get paid and so it seems like the future is just so unclear.  I hope this song can help provide us some of that courage to either spark that change or at least embrace it when it comes.  


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