Thursday, February 22, 2024

Music Review // ROKI "Foolish Heart"

As soon as this song begins you know that you're in for a treat.  With elements of pop and big bass, ROKI has this sound which is unlike that of anyone else out there making music right now.  Between the music video and song itself, the closest artist I can come up with for comparison is Janet Jackson and that just speaks volumes on how grand this really is.  

This music video has elements which feel sexual but not overtly so.  You might even call this "sensual", which is something music videos had more of back in the heyday of MTV.  These days it feels like artists can just do whatever they want with music videos but you had to be somewhat toned down back then for cable television and in that way, with this video, ROKI does feel restrained which make it's that much more suggestive.

Within the movements and outfits in this video also comes a spiderweb in the background.  The message in this song is "Foolish heart, want what's not mine", as the chorus states, but then it gets into that indecision between going after something which you shouldn't.   On one hand, there are lines like "I'm doing good, I'm doing just fine without you" and at the same time ROKI professes "I crave what I can't get".

In my experience with music I've always felt like it's been one sided, it either is or it isn't.  The way that the lyrics on "Foolish Heart" are almost like ROKI debating with herself out loud whether or not she should go for this is really something which you don't hear a lot of in music in general.  So if you've got that indecision and need some help but might not reach a conclusion then this song is for you. 

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