Thursday, February 15, 2024

Cassette Review // salad "Riverside Ishiyama" (Dinzu Artefacts)

I'm not sure why, but when this cassette begins it feels as if we're opening up a door and going inside of a room where this music is happening.    We are first greeted by the sound of a xylophone and then also a sneeze.   The way this xylophone is being played though reminds me of The Flintstones, as Fred used to play the ribs of a large dinosaur.  (They also just put The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones on Tubi, so that might be affecting my mindset here)  

Acoustic percussion comes in with some waves behind it all.   Beeping now, as if a watch is trying to tell us something.   A loud banging now, like wood on wood.   There is an Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT and they let kids (of all ages) make projects there which largely use wood and in some ways this reminds me of what it might sound like in there.  I'd love to volunteer there one summer just to get some field recordings. 

We're into quiet speaking now with what feels like a piano in the distance.   Sounds like babies now, first crying then laughing.   Water can be heard now running in the background and the sound breaks down and becomes rather minimal here.   A scrubbing now and I just feel like someone is washing their dishes.    Quietly, it just seems to fade as the first side reaches the end.  

On the flip side we begin with that same sort of field recording sound where it feels like someone is in a room, a garage perhaps, and just moving around different items.   A little bit of beeping comes in.    Birds are chirping and in the distance words can be heard being spoken.   A specific set of beeping now, but mostly this is just air.  

A rustling now, it feels like we're opening up jars and putting their lids on the counter.   Pouring coffee now perhaps.   This just feels like a morning in the kitchen, but the windows would have to be open to hear the birds.   If I had my windows open, you'd hear a lot of people on their phones at the bank the way that they make cars talk.   A baby can be heard again.   It sounds now as if perhaps we are making food for the baby.

The sound of items shifting in a drawer now followed by someone speaking, with the baby still there making baby sounds.   The sound of pots and conversation continues.   As the baby gets quiet, this whole thing comes to an end and I feel like it truly was just a slice of life in a day as the artist.  

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